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Portfolio Management

Pyramid provides the right mix of management control, operational processing capability, and technological sophistication to accomplish balancing the requirements of Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, FASB ASC 815  and IFRS 9.

With Pyramid's derivative portfolio management, clients have access to sophisticated analytic tools for derivative transaction reconciliation, portfolio risk analysis and validation, and independent revaluation of front office derivative activities, systems, and valuations.

Pyramid helps clients gain a comprehensive view of their portfolios, leading to operational cost savings and a better understanding of the source of net income volatility relating to hedging activities.

Pyramid Derivative Portfolio Management was designed for "large batch" processing requirements and complicated instruments contained in the portfolios of today’s active buy-side hedging practices.

  • Firm-wide and desk-level risk management tools

  • Display aggregated positions under user selectable criteria

  • Drill-down capability

  • Real-time pricing, valuations, and risk analysis

  • Compare performance by day, month, quarter, or year-to-date

  • Integrated access to portfolio analytics, including key rate duration and stress tests

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