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Complete Back-Office Processing

Pyramid gives the back office unique control of rate resets and payment processing.

Users can automatically set floating rate portfolios on a daily basis from automated market data feeds. Pyramid tracks missing rate settings and notifies the back-office as to exactly which rate fixings are required by reference index or by trade. In addition, Pyramid generates daily upcoming activity reports of client communications or settlement activities.


Pyramid generates confirmations and trade related MTM, rate resets, and payment statements on either a manual or automated "batch" basis. Client communications can be automatically delivered via email to both primary and interested parties through easy-to-define customer contact relationships.

Confirmations can be created and edited in Microsoft Word format and saved as ISDA standard templates by type of transaction. Pyramid allows users to track the status of confirmations with status updates and audit tracking of approvals.

Produce and translate into your currency of choice over 100 customizable reports, including:

  • Activity and Audit Log

  • Credit and Collateral

  • Market Data and Curves

  • Portfolio and Valuation

  • Back Office Processing

  • Value-at-Risk

  • Transaction Details

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